About Us


Martina was born in Rome March 31st in 1986. From her parents, she learned to be curious and resourceful. It is not a case that she used to roll among nettles and to sneak out of her bed to watch cartoons on tv. As a teenager, she studied humanities and classic literature in high school, she immediately revealed a creative attitude, she studied theater and got involved into politics. At the age of 19 she started attending Political Science courses at the University and got her degree four years later, making her parents and herself pretty satisfied! About the time spent at the University she mainly remembers lots of friends, many hours spent studying everywhere and an incredible amount of coffees. At the age of 22, she moved to Norway, chasing after a Master Degree and the wish to grow up faster. She spent five years among snowy mountains, fiords and salmons, learning from life how important it is to work hard and to appreciate every small thing. They say about her: she is stubborn, a bit of a nerd, sometimes wise but sometimes way too naive.

Walter was born in Rome April 28th in 1983. People used to call him “Attila” when he was a child, because of his extreme energy and disruptive power (and self-disruptive power too, as you can see from the cut behind his ear, made trying to fly like superman). Since he was a kid, he developed a passion for Karate, learning discipline and self-control.At high school, he studied classic literature, finally learning how to truant but most of all how to use his intelligence. He has been working since he was sixteen, proving in plenty of occasions to be capable and resourceful. When he was 25 he left everything and flew up to the north: he wanted to prove something to himself, learn English and try to get lucky. He finally spent about 6 years in Norway testing his limits, until he found a balance through his strong friendships, his family and thanks to his endless hope into future projects. They say about him: he is reliable, a pain in the ass sometimes, always clever, ingenious and romantic.

Martina and Walter met each other when they were very young. Their love story was unexpected and a bit clandestine. However they have been together for ten years, building a solid relationship made of complicity and patience. And finally the got married! Both of them love travelling, eat chocolate and watch cartoons. They lived together for five years in Bergen, sharing the joy and the pain of a life abroad. Today they move back to Italy with a dream, good will and a renewed love for their city and their cultural roots. The project of the B&B comes out from the strong desire of going back home and getting involved into something new and exciting. Walter and Martina created for themselves a job and put all their energy into Take It Easy. For them it is at the same time an opportunity and an achievement, the result of their love of good company and their addiction for the positive energy of Rome.